Sajay Singh

Sajay Singh

The Content Guy @Kubric. All about tech, books, food, and pop culture.

Ship'd: August 2020

Tl;dr - Automated campaign generation (4x faster), All your designs as assets & A whole lotta integrations.

Ship’d: July 2020

Kubric unlock phase 7: For July, our endeavor to make Kubric more powerful and better continues. Here are the new superpowers you’ve unlocked.

Action Replays, Macros: A New Hope

We took all the limitations which hold back design workflows, and solved them for maximum effectiveness on your assets. Introducing Kubric playbacks: design macros at scale that you can apply anywhere.

Ship’d: April 2020

2020 has been... different. We're taking this challenging time to put all our efforts into improving Kubric. Here are the release notes for April 2020.

Introducing Ship'd: The home for new & shiny product upgrades

Ship’d brings you product updates and improvements in Kubric. And all the new ways you can now use Kubric to power through your creative flow. It's like a message from your very own Jarvis - telling you about all the new superpowers you got on your hands.
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