Notes on missteps, battle-scars and open learnings from the Kubric engineering team. Engineering is about trade-offs, there is no one right path, there are half-a-dozen alternatives and rationalizing them with a scientific rigour is what is the hallmark of a good engineer. This is a record of experimental notes which fuel good engineering.

DNS timeouts in Kubernetes

Recently we started seeing  a bunch of DNS lookup timeouts in our Kubernetes cluster. Every pod has the name server. All the DNS lookups from that pod is going through the name server only. How DNS lookups worksIn our case nameserver , which is a ClusterIP of

How to audio from home

The act of creation is often a collaborative effort. This holds true the most when creating something for TV or Film.  But in the Times of Corona a lot of show makers have had to resort to using their homes as studios with mobile phones as their sole audio and

Grow Power Users On Your Web App

Who’s not a power user in 2020? Most likely you are a power user of an application you use at your workplace everyday. Power users are generally associated with people’s skill to reap maximum gain of functionalities from a software. Over the last few years, online productive apps

Magic Link for Sign-in

With password policies becoming harder to deal with and way too many different passwords across systems, it becomes difficult to track them and thus sign-in experience of a user is affected. Let's find out the magic behind smooth sign-in experience for our users!

The Future of Design - A Cambrian Explosion

The miniaturization of computing devices and pervasiveness of the internet has led to a different kind of consumer demand. The shift of the consumer attention has moved from the physical space to the online space. Consumers now demand far more interactive, newer and adaptive content formats
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