Human Computer Interface Design and topics about the future of design.What do the systems of morrow look like, how do we interface with automata and how do we design systems with empathy for the user?

Breaking free from broken toolchains

For years now, toolchains have revolutionized the way people work and helped disrupt industries. What if we brought the concept of toolchains to the world of content and marketing? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and into the future of design.

Action Replays, Macros: A New Hope

We took all the limitations which hold back design workflows, and solved them for maximum effectiveness on your assets. Introducing Kubric playbacks: design macros at scale that you can apply anywhere.

Sprinkle some AI over your UI 😛

AI systems if done right, is an almost invisible layer in the software that helps transform great experiences into magical ones. A good user-interface tries to bridge the gap between the AI and the user.

The 10x designer - Smart Automation with Kubric

The top metric at Kubric for the Data Science team is - “How do we reduce the amount of time spent by a designer on doing grunt work?”. We want to eliminate the grunt work that goes into micro-editing and quality checks so that designers can work on the stuff

Uncanny typography & other nightmares

The deep rooted psychological experience of something as strangely familiar but not exactly the same - this uncanny territory - is something I've seen influence all kinds of aesthetics. For example, in typographic pairing...

How to lead designers and creative talent on your team

Managers at e-commerce companies must adapt their leadership to get the best out of engineers, marketers and designers. How can you be an empathetic leader towards creative professionals and designers on your team to help them impact business with their creativity?
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