Celebrating People, Pods & Behaviour. Culture is the amalgamation of behaviour displayed by people on an everyday basis. It is about the people in your pods, every individual shapes culture and culture shapes the individual.

Diwali Feels — It’s not outside, it’s within!

For the majority of my previous Diwali celebrations, I have always been at my home. Getting in the morning with a list of things to do from my mom — “Diye dhoondh lena”, “Mithai thali main rakh lo”, “Nariyal kahan hai?”, “pooja ki thali saja do”, “Bandarwal laga do gate pe”

We cannot let our guards down. Not now!

Recently I read in news, India has overtaken the UK and now stands at 4th position in the overall tally of the number of coronavirus cases. Winning is good, but not every time. The number of cases in India is increasing rapidly and it scares us all. After having gone

The Remote Tenet

What are we as humans, if not social. Is the workplace a place for "only work"? Isn't a modern workplace also a thriving social hub - where we forge genuine friendships and connections? From a company to an online work community. What does it mean to be a remote team?

How to lead designers and creative talent on your team

Managers at e-commerce companies must adapt their leadership to get the best out of engineers, marketers and designers. How can you be an empathetic leader towards creative professionals and designers on your team to help them impact business with their creativity?

Skies of Kubric

Once upon a time, there was no skies at Kubric. In fact, we had no sky either. It was, well, a ceiling. Tall ceiling, yes. Cool too. Urban, hip, NYC-loft style, grey and white. Half daylight, half late-nights. Sometimes intense, sometimes hazy.

Be careful! You might love WFH!

It was ever so normal for folks to go on individual work-from-home but this is a mass WFH of sorts. How do you manage your time, work effectively together, communicate and not feel isolated and overall remain sane amongst all the mayhem?

a PM or APM

India is truly becoming a product-first economy. Inspite of this big shift, there is still a dearth of structured programs that groom young people into product managers and eventually product leaders of tomorrow. Kids go into engineering, b-schools, design schools.. but there is no PM School.
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