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Drop what limits your creativity

Design Multiplier

Create many new assets from one base design

Search, Tags & Versions

Instantly auto-organize your files and folders during upload

Feedback & Approval Hub

Get all your feedback and approvals in one place



“Everyday you look at yummy food visuals on our app. Kubric is fueling all of these great tasty experiences around food.”



“We powered 95 live digital stores across 30 cities. This wouldn't even be possible without Kubric’s live banners.”



“Everyday we have over 6 million users looking at more than 1 piece of content which is personalized for them by Kubric.”

Automate every repeat

Magical authoring with design bots means you never have to repeat those edits - ever again.

Make gifs, memes, videos & more

Edit and multiply any format - videos, images or GIFs, all from the same workspace.

Work your files in so many different ways - make overlay edits, change backgrounds, add cool visual effects and more.

Create files in all sizes

Kubric lets you instantly generate files of all specs without having to repeat the same steps over and over.

One-click adaptation into different aspect ratios, dimensions and formats - all from a single source design.

Shake off the gruntwork

Kubric manages all your files, tags and versions so you can focus on creating original designs.

Don’t organize

Kubric sorts and tags all your files so you never have to. It picks up the visual theme of the creative and assigns the right content tags. With global smart search you can instantly find any creative without getting lost in folders.

Kubric comes with the only filing system built for those who love to create but hate to organize.

Always work with the latest version

Kubric manages all your file versions so you never have to worry about tracking or losing changes. Just pick the version to use for future campaigns without fiddling with outdated files.

Finally, version control for designers that just works!

Make collaboration a breeze

Edit creatives with your team and agencies. Get all their feedback and approvals in one place.

Anyone can easily make edits

With Kubric’s form-based editing, even non-designers can make simple changes without cutting into your creative time.

Your product, marketing and content teams get the files they need while you stay focused on new creative ideas.

Feedback & approvals in one window

Kubric connects every snippet of feedback to the right file so you never lose context. Your teammates can comment, suggest and approve creatives within Kubric.

You never have to lose focus to find their responses in emails or chat conversations. Creative reviews move faster than ever before with Kubric!

Kubric plays well

Instantly bring all your favourite apps together. Design, edit, find & share without ever losing focus.