👷🏼‍♀️ Making over Belonging - An alternate theme for culture in the workplace.

Building a business on a bedrock of familial values could lead to ugly family-feuds. In contrast, Maker Culture encourages action, iteration & results over anything else. Makers are bound by a bond of 'purpose', one much stronger than kumbaya slogans that come apart when reality comes-a-crashing.

Breaking free from broken toolchains

For years now, toolchains have revolutionized the way people work and helped disrupt industries. What if we brought the concept of toolchains to the world of content and marketing? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and into the future of design.

Comprehension of a Test pyramid

Developing software is hard and testing software is hard too!Software testing is the process of evaluating the software against its requirements, and finding the mismatch, commonly known as a defect. In any software development process, the number of issues are directly proportional to the substandard software quality. Therefore the

Speedier Uploads

In this post, we’ll cover an approach which we have been exploring for speeding up file uploads in Kubric.

Diwali Feels — It’s not outside, it’s within!

For the majority of my previous Diwali celebrations, I have always been at my home. Getting in the morning with a list of things to do from my mom — “Diye dhoondh lena”, “Mithai thali main rakh lo”, “Nariyal kahan hai?”, “pooja ki thali saja do”, “Bandarwal laga do gate pe”

Ship'd: August 2020

Tl;dr - Automated campaign generation (4x faster), All your designs as assets & A whole lotta integrations.

Beneath the Skies

Beneath the skies is a tribute to mental health in 2020. The animated short is a reminder that celebrating little moments of connection ultimately help us get through difficult times together.

Say hello to Moodmagic!

At some point or the other, we've all wanted to meme & troll our co-workers and work-fam, well- here's a slack bot that does just that.
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