Introducing Ship'd: The home for new & shiny product upgrades

Ship’d brings you product updates and improvements in Kubric. And all the new ways you can now use Kubric to power through your creative flow. It's like a message from your very own Jarvis - telling you about all the new superpowers you got on your hands.

Products <> People: A New Relationship Paradigm

The 21st century has been a revolutionary time for freedom in relationships. And not just for humans. We’ve opened a chapter in an entirely new type of relationship - the relationship between people and products.

Products have changed. They are now alive, intelligent, and intuitive. They talk to us, observe us. They learn about us from our interactions, like a human being would. And we do the same, too. When was the last time you remember installing an app with an instruction manual?

New Challenges

Products, like people, aren’t perfect. It is an incremental process where users who believe in the product make it better over time. This involves open communication between both parties.

Are we doing it well? Yes would be an overstatement. The most successful products of our time have become too powerful to get rid of. Product transparency with users doesn’t seem to be a high priority for them (looking at you, Facebook).

Ship’d: The Why

Kubric believes in becoming better for the people whom it is made for. And we believe in celebrating these achievements, together.

Ship’d is a place for exactly that. Every month, Ship’d will bring the release notes of the product updates and improvements we’ve made. And all the new ways you can use Kubric to supercharge your creative flow.  Ship’d is like a message from Jarvis - telling Tony about all his new superpowers.

Ship’d is a place to let our users know you're heard. It is a place to see how far we’ve come, and above all, have fun.

Here’s to Ship’d - Awesome features, good design, and merry vibes your way!

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