Thiyagaraj T

Thiyagaraj T

Building Frontend Tech at Kubric, Talk to me - CSS, React, Firebase, PWA, Pets. I love drawing on Codepen

Grow Power Users On Your Web App

Who’s not a power user in 2020? Most likely you are a power user of an application you use at your workplace everyday. Power users are generally associated with people’s skill to reap maximum gain of functionalities from a software. Over the last few years, online productive apps

The Sound of Software — Motif

Sounds are functional but beyond that it is visceral. Machines have their own jingles which set the mood through of the user…

The Case for GraphQL

Why GraphQL? - As a product manager if you are thinking why. In one line  — GraphQL can Massively Impact Delivery Speed

Writing Expressive Code

This article should not be mistaken to any design pattern but its arguably a good practice that you can adopt while writing functions, designing components, or even architecting a system. The major theme is around configurations which are generally found being used across programming languages.
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