Create Something Original

Good design is at the heart of everything around us. We use technology to help designers remove limits from their creativity so they can focus on brewing original ideas and bringing them to life.

Kubric Team

We’re an indie design-loving and futurists team working out of Bengaluru, Toronto & San-Francisco. We are relentlessly focused on pushing the boundaries of good design and using technology to remove the barriers that hold back creative professionals around the world.

Kubric Team

The Crew

The makers, builders & tinkerers behind Kubric

Kaus 💖's bringing great experiences to life. A pro home-chef and a closet wordsmith, she infuses her instinctive “feel” of people and spaces into everything she creates - lovingly, of course.

Kaus Manjita

Founder (Growth, Experiences)

Meet Barry, connoisseur of effortless products, avant-garde concepts, and mindless memes. He’s the Team Coach at Kubric, regularly charting out maps for unmapped galaxies with flair 🚀

Barada Sahu

Founder (Vision, Products)

Jo is all about hardcore history - the one to beat for WWII trivia. On a regular day, you’ll find him deep 🎧in Dan Carlin’s lore while building bleeding-edge UI architecture for scale.

Jophin Joseph

Engineering (Frameworks, Apps)

Chai's 3️⃣ obsessions - beer, coffee and Lego Batman.When he isn't downing pints of beer and shots of espresso, or solving a lego puzzle, he's fighting for the users. Just like Tron.

Chaitanya Nettem

Engineering (Products, People)

Paro is the only person we know who plays (and wins) ‘antakshari’🎵with himself. Life of a party, pro coach, ardent food-taster. Did we mention his annual 100KM walk-for-charity🚶‍♂️yet?

Paroksh Saxena

Engineering (Systems, People)

Lover of 🌱plants, 🐶doggos, 🏃running. When Vini is not pulling anyone’s leg, she’s purposefully rallying up the young team and moving them towards their goals, once step at a time.

Vinita Sharma

Engineering (Teams, Systems)

Chandan is a self-confessed contrarian, but does enjoy healthy doses of cooking for family, listening to retro music and ⚽watching Man U win. He’s our resident ‘Search’ maestro.

Chandan Kumar

Engineering (Systems, Infrastructure)

Did you say “complex”? 🧩Amit can arrange the meanest and most-stubborn complexities into a neatly solved Rubik’s cube while boiling his half-dozen eggs for breakfast. Just like that.

Amit Phadke

Growth (Strategy, Production)

Paul John, Paul, Paulie, John Paul - many names, one persona. Complex problems are his jam, Blinkist is his secret weapon. He wont bat an eyelid before ending your chances at Monopoly 🤺 but will also check in with you when you need a friend.

Paul John

Design (UX, Design)

A sports fan, who loves a little bit of life on the edge. Play any sport, I can get my hand on. I am also an adrenaline junkie and have bungee jumped, skydived, scuba dived and zip lined so far. She's restless, she's raring and she's out to make a big impact on the world around her.

Pooja Brahmankar

Growth (Growth, Marketing)

Work With Us

Do you challenge the space around you? Do you love making and tearing down things and remaking them until they are just perfect? Do you embrace different? Hop over, catch us over one of our open maker workshops on Saturday or come talk to one of the members in the team. Join us in making something together, making something great. We love creative spirits and people who are not afraid to do things differently. Feel the same way? Join us on our mission to make good design the foundation of great work everywhere.


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Senior Search & Storage Systems EngineerSoftware
Web Engineering LeadSoftware

What we do

Stay Creative

Provide Candid Critique

Meme-ify Ourselves

Love MarioKart

Trust Good Design

What we do not

Put the I before Us

Make do with half-done

Prevent dissenting voices

Wait for instructions

Prioritize growth over people