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Power your video marketing using Kubric's AI Engine. Generate hundreds of videos and launch them on social media instantly!
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Personalize Videos, Visuals & Messaging

Hi James!


Hi Kate!


Hi Megan!


Hi John!

Personalize Videos, Visuals & Messaging
From Product Videos to Retargeting Ads, use video personalization to do better 1-1 marketing and run creative experiments at scale.
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Looking for Sports Shoes
Looking for Smart Watch
Looking for Cinema Tickets
Looking for Cafe
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Customize, Optimize & Boost your e-commerce

Customize, Optimize &
Boost your e-commerce
From Acquisition to Engagement to Retention, convert better at every stage of your customer’s journey. Create, Deploy and Optimize Video Ads for Traffic, Installs, Engagement and More.
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John Doerr
Age: 21
Hobby: Football
Looking For: Shoes
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Kobayashi Miyu
Age: 31
Hobby: Skateboarder
Looking For: Smart Watch
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Melina Stephens
Age: 27
Hobby: Hair Stylist
Looking For: Hair Dryers
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Don Wood
Age: 29
Hobby: Guitarist
Looking For: Speakers
brand videos
Brandy Haynes
Age: 36
Hobby: Skiing
Looking For: Sunglasses
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Launch Videos & Gifs at Scale

Launch Videos & Gifs at Scale
Generate Hundreds of Videos using Kubric's fully-automated platform, with virtually no manual work required. Test & Adapt Ad-Creatives Effortlessly, At Scale!
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Convert existing catalog to a video led catalog

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Traditional style product catalog page with text description and images

Kubric's AI Engine instantly transforms the traditional elements like text and images to a high engaging video

Create videos like these with just a few clicks

Integrate. Automate. Get More Done with Less.

Integrate. Automate.
Get More Done with Less.

Connect your social networks to Kubric and fast-track your video marketing. Save time publishing, scheduling and optimizing your ad campaigns


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