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From Product Videos to Retargeting Ads, use Video Personalization for 1-1 marketing and running creative A/B experiments at scale.


Use stock images, original video shoots, product shots, GIFs and your own styling guidelines; choose from a selection of engaging storyboards or create your very own unique custom storyboard. The right video for the right segment supercharges your brand's digital performance.


Every video is auto-optimized for all channels where your customers spend their time and attention. Square, Vertical or Landscape; Stop Motion, Loops or Slideshows; H.264 codec, 30 frames/sec or 3500 kbps video bitrate. Kubric handles all these technicalities for you, freeing your time to spend on what matters the most, the stories you tell to your users.

Augment your audience reach

Ready for the platforms and services that your users are on. Pipe in your user personas, marketing assets, creatives; connect to Facebook, FB Audience Network, Instagram, even in-App Feed or Notifications... All your video messaging now @ one place with Kubric, ensuring every customer gets the personalized touch she deserves.

Creativity, now optimized

Video creation is used to be an art. Until now that is. Every scene, shot and frame in a video can now be created using Kubric's proprietary Visual Markdown Language (VML). Understand which creative elements work for 21 year olds in LA, to what pop colors are in or what snappy transitions work.
Creativity : Optimized. Your Brand : Supercharged.

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online

Let's nitro-boost your brand

Find out how Kubric nitro-boosts your growth engine with personalized videos